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Over the past ten years, property tax rates in Texas have soared and many individuals are seeing higher tax bills which can become difficult to manage.

Property Tax Solutions offers real solutions to Texas homeowners and commercial property owners who want to resolve their tax bill. We provide a variety of loan options with very competitive rates. Our service is tailored to each borrowers needs and in most cases can be funded in less than one week.

Our office is based in Dallas and specifically handles property tax loans in the state of Texas. We service individuals, partnerships, corporations, sole proprietor and limited liability companies.

The Property Tax Solutions team is comprised of Texas bankers, loan officers and real estate professionals with a combined experience that totals over 60 years in all forms of real estate loans.

State of Texas

As of March 1, 2008 the property tax lending business is being regulated by the State of Texas. Property Tax Solutions, LLC is licensed in Texas as a qualified lender for property taxes.