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Property Tax Solutions makes paying your Commercial Real Estate taxes easy and convenient.

We offer up to 10 year loan terms. Applications can be made over the phone in less than 10 minutes or for faster service you may apply via our secured web site. Replace the burden of paying one large lump sum for affordable monthly payments.

Basic requirements for a Commercial Real Estate loan are:
  • The borrower on the application must be the owner of record (on Title) to the property.
  • The assessed value of the property must be greater than $80,000
  • The total taxes due must be at least $4,000
  • The borrower may not currently be in bankruptcy
  • The taxes due must be for real estate. (We do not lend for business personal property taxes)
  • The property must be in good or reasonable condition
  • All information on the Application must be completed and all forms signed where necessary
  • Corporate organizational documentation (Articles, By-laws, Regulations, etc. as well as any necessary resolutions) must be provided for properties owned by a business entity.
  • Additional information depending on the type of property may be required.
  • All closing costs are regulated by the State of Texas

Signa Capital, an affiliate of Property Tax Solutions LLC, specializes in hard money loans for commercial real-estate. Click the button below for more details.